The Label

Alter Era was founded in 2015 by the designer-duo Alicia Declerck and Zhanna Belskaya. The two complement each other in their work and share a common ground as to aesthetics and philosophy.

This unique duality forms the foundation and identity of their brand. Their designs are a contemporary interpretation of the ethnic or historical costume in their seasonal research. Both tailored and fluid, their silhouette is defined by a distinguished interplay of cuts and prints.

Ranging from interlaced geometrical patterns and 3-dimensionality to organic textures and digital compositions, their prints correspond the seams and shapes of the garments, turning the body into a 3-dimensional printed canvas.

The textiles and collections are created in-house and produced in Europe. Other materials are sourced within the EU as well with high quality standards and ethic values. Alter Era is based in Belgium and production facilities are mostly based in Czech Republic and in Italy.

The Designers

Having met in 2008 while studying at Polimoda International Institute of Design & Marketing in Italy, Alicia and Zhanna had already collaborated on projects together and mentored each other on their work. Upon graduation they each went their separate paths to extend experience and knowhow in fashion.

In 2011 Alicia was granted the Manish Arora Award at the International Arts of Fashion Competition held in San Francisco and worked for labels including Diane Von Furstenberg and Rodarte in the US and Manish Arora in India.

Meanwhile Zhanna ramained in Italy to work for Antonio Marras and Kenzo. After getting selected by Creative Academy and winning a Richemont Group scholarship, she completed her MFA in Luxury Product Design in Milan and worked for Cartier in Paris thereafter.

In 2015 their paths cross again and the decision to rejoin forces and launch their label marks the beginning of a “new era” for both designers.